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Christof Koch Professor 626-395-6054 (200M) koch <at>

Postdoctoral Associates and Fellows

Costas Anastassiou Postdoctoral Scholar 626-395-8965 (200T) costas <at>
Nathan Faivre Postdoctoral Scholar 626-395-8964 (200S) nfaivre <at>
Michael Hill Postdoctoral Scholar 626-395-8962 (200R) mrhill <at>
Nikhil Joshi Postdoctoral Scholar 626-395-8968 (200A) nikhil.joshi <at>
Uri Maoz Postdoctoral Scholar 626-395-8961 (200Q) urim <at>
Liad Mudrik Postdoctoral Scholar 626-395-8964 (200S) liadm <at>
Hagar Gelbard-Sagiv Postdoctoral Scholar 626-395-8962 (200R) hagar <at>
Jiannis Taxidis Postdoctoral Scholar 626-395-8961 (200Q) jtaxidis <at>
Andrew Steele Senior Research Fellow 626-395-8729 (14A) steelea <at>

Graduate Students

Yazan Billeh Graduate Student 626-395-8964 (200S) ybilleh <at>
Julien Dubois Graduate Student 626-395-8960 (200N) jdubois <at>
Virgil Griffith Graduate Student 626-395-8968 (200A) virgil <at>
Xiaodi Hou Graduate Student 626-395-8967 (200U) xhou <at>
Adam Shai Graduate Student 626-395-8965 (200T) ashai <at>
Shuo Wang Graduate Student 626-395-4025 (Broad 63) shuo <at>

Research Technician Assistants

Duo Xu 626-395-8965 (200T) dxu <at>

Technical Assistants

Philippe Brieu Systems Administrator 626-395-2874 (200K) philippe <at>
Dan Caballero Systems Administrator 626-395-8580 (200K) help <at>

Lab Executive Assistant

Joanne Meraz Executive Assistant 626-395-6054 (200L) joannem <at>

This is a list of current lab members. A partial list of former lab members is here.

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