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We are open to informal enquiries about graduate student positions (assuming you are already at Caltech) and postdoctoral positions, even when there are no specific positions advertised here. Please send email to Christof Koch at koch<at> Caltech is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. Women, minorities, veterans, and disabled persons are encouraged to apply.

Postdoctoral Positions


Graduate Student Openings

We are looking for an ambitious Caltech graduate student in CNS, Bioengineering, EE, CS, Applied Physics or Applied Mathematics or some other such field with a strong quantitative background interested in carrying out reseach in computational neuroscience and neural biophysics. In collaboration with the laboratory of Gyorgy Buzsaki, we seek to unravel the origin and functionality of endogenous extracellular fields in the brain. Such spatiotemporal field fluctuations provide a window into the biophysics of neural encoding giving rise to cognition. In particular, we focus in the hippocampus region and through a complementary computational-experimental approach seek to understand the transfer function between intracellular/transmembrane processes and their extracellular signature. This research will also bear on our understanding of a number of pathologies and their treatment, in particular on the initiation and spread of pathological hypersynchronziation, such as in epilepsy, and the short- and long-range effect of direct brain stimulation via electric current, as in deep brain stimulation. Programming skills are essential.


We are always eager to hear from potential volunteers interested in participating in psychophysical and functional imaging experiments. You will be reimbursed for your time and can find out more by emailing Moran Surf at moran<at>

We are currently looking for subjects to participate in an experiment involving learning and memory. Subjects will be paid 15 dollars per hour for a single session which should last approximately one hour. If you are interested please contact Moran Surf.

Undergraduate Student Openings


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