The meaning of Professor derives from "to profess" or "to declare publicly". All too often, in our research-dominated universities, this key function of a professor is neglected. Professor Christof Koch loves to teach and he and members of his laboratory offer the following undergraduate and graduate classes.

Here is a talk Prof. Koch gave in October, 2010 on Teaching, the statistics of Nobel Prizes, the Caltech Experience and Plato.

CNS Faculty CNS 100: Introduction to Computation and Neural Systems
Professor Koch (with Profs. Adolphs & O'Doherty) CNS102: Brains, Minds and Society.
Professor Koch CNS/Bi 120: The Neuronal Basis of Consciousness.
Prof. Koch was awarded the 2007 BUSAC teaching award for this class.
Professor Koch (with Profs. Shimojo & Perona) CNS186: Vision: From Computational Theory to Neuronal Mechanisms.
Prof. Christof Koch is co-teaching Bi 252 Responsible Conduct of Research.

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