Phone numbers within the Institute all begin with 395-. You can dial extensions with just the last four digits.

To dial long distance, you will need a long distance account number. After dialing 9, and then the phone number, you will hear 3 tones. After this, enter your account number (6 digits), then the call will go through.

For work related calls only, the account number is 613250.

You can obtain your personal account (with quite competitive rates like $0.10/minute during the day) from the telecom office located in building #40.


The fax machine is located in Candi's office. It is not a phone line inside the Institute, therefore no 9 prefix or long distance account number is necessary. The machine will ask for the phone number after the paper is placed in the tray (face down). The normal connection tones are not presented on the speaker, so it will be silent but will provide update messages on the display.


A nearby copying machine is located in Rm 31. The id code is 13960.


Per diem rates for travel reimbursement are available here.